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facebook can suck my dick (5/12/14)

the kanye west test (3/16/14)

why it doesn't matter who the Detroit Lions draft (2/23/14)

the back to the future trilogy: a few questions (2/15/14)

some helpful advice for foreigners visiting Disney World (2/2/14)

looking back at the 2013 fantasy football guide (1/12/14)

2013: a crappy year in review (1/4/14)

star wars: episode IX fanscript (12-28-13)

star wars: episode VIII fanscript (11-24-13)

star wars: episode VII fanscript (11-9-13)

i am a god (new email)(10/6/13)

my CD collection: a few questions (9/29/13)

i wish i was a baby (9/14/13)'s 2013 fantasy football guide (8/25/13)

roger goodell can eat a dick (8/12/13)

feet are fucking gross (7/28/13)

man of steel: a few questions (7/7/13)

people of wal-mart bingo (6/30/13)

being a dad: a few questions (6/16/13)

the sex room (6/2/13)

why i want to murder Elmo (5/12/13)

why Amy Schumer is a god damn genius (5-5-13)

villains i take more seriously than Kim Jong Un (4-21-13)

how to be the coolest person in the room (4-11-13)

why I would've made a better choice for Pope than what's-his-nuts (3-17-13)

quintessential Detroit Lions moments (3-6-13)

the benson diaries (2-24-13)

my biggest fan (new email) (2-21-13)

the ten most masturbatable pictures from this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue (2-17-13)

five things that piss me off about this year's Super Bowl (2-2-13)

a look back at the first ever fantasy football guide (1-21-13)

2012: a crappy year in review (1-11-13)

so if the Mayans are right... (12-20-12)

fuckin' obama (12-13-12)

fuck black friday (11-27-12)

election survival kit (11-6-12)

bad decision 2012 (10-30-12)

presidential debate bingo (10-14-12)

best butt-dial ever (10-7-12)

why i hate the packers (9-29-12)

at the risk of sounding sexist (9-12-12)

the first fantasy football guide (9-3-12)

the replacements: part two (8/30/12)

the name game (8/20/12)

holiday inn express = retards (8/12/12)

the dark knight rises: questions (7/31/12)

even in death (7-28-12)

of kidney beans & popeye's chicken (7-8-12)

jesus christ people, can we fucking let gay people get married already? (7-1-12)

my evil plan comes to fruition (6-6-12)

new underwear (5-28-12)

asshole, speed the fuck up (5-20-12)

wrong word asshole (5-10-12)

cool places to take your hooker (4-26-12)

the pros and cons of staying in Ohio (new email)(4-7-12)

why so many people hate Tim Tebow (3-27-12)

hey asshole, stop quoting South Park (3-15-12)

Vince McMahon reading my site?: new email (3-4-12)

annoying TV shows my wife watches (2-26-12)

the pros and cons of moving to Texas (2-11-12)

i can't make this shit up (2-5-12)

a crappy web show episode VIII - "Winning" (1-22-12)

a crappy history of time (1-14-12)

so before the Detroit Lions play their first playoff game in 12 years... (1-7-12)

a crappy web show episode VII "Farty Egg Water" (1-3-12)

a crappy web show episode VI "The Saddest Web Show Ever" (1-1-12)

2011: a crappy year in review (12-31-11)

nerd bashing time (12-31-11)

a crappy web show episode IV.V "Halloween Party" (new web show)(12-7-11)

a crappy web show episode IV "6th Best Out Of 10" (11-29-11)

a crappy web show episode III "White Trash Fest 2011" (11-29-11)

a crappy web show episode II "Molly's Show" (11-23-11)

holy crap, i figured out how to get my videos on my site (11-22-11)

what...the..fuck? (11-13-11)

my next 30 years (11-3-11)

dear Mike Judge (10-27-11)

Hank Williams Jr. = lol (10-8-11)

have your question heard on a future episode of "A Crappy Web Show" (9-25-11)

am i rude? (new email)(9-24-11)

finally, my opinions on TV will be heard (9-14-11)

two more emails about my beefs with christianity (8-21-11)

all about my balls (8-18-11)

just fucking great (8-7-11)

pastafarianism: new email (7-24-11)

56 things I will not fucking miss about working at Friendly's (7-10-11)

the office (6-25-11)

any hope for female rockers? (new email)(6-17-11)

X-Men: First Class: questions (6-11-11)

you're just jealous (new email) (6-2-11)

and you want me to give you a job? (part 5) (5-29-11)

since the world is ending...(5-21-11)

why i don't watch TMZ (5-14-11)

my beef with Christianity (new email) (5-7-11)

the 10th and final "rapistberger challenge" joke: (4-17-11)

the rapistberger 10 jokes in 10 days challenge (4-9-11)

the replacements (3-27-11)

i sell hamburgers for a living: (new standup video) (3-20-11)

The Rock vs John Cena: who owns who? (3-15-11)

the rant quiz (3-8-11)

is "The Expendables" the greatest movie ever? (3-2-11)

the pro bowl sucks (2-2-11)

yearly update (1-30-11)

new year's eve sucks (1-18-11)

2010: a crappy year in review (12-30-10)

it's a crappy life (part 3)(12-25-10)

it's a crappy life (part 2)(12-18-10)

it's a crappy life (part 1)(12-11-10)

what i'm thankful for in 2010 (11-24-10)

wtf (11-8-10)

and you want me to give you a job? (Part 4) (10-28-10)

popcorn festival rules (10-7-10)

dumb bimbo (9-14-10)


titting zoo (new drunken ramble)(8-18-10)

the chamber (8-11-10)

my good deed for the day (7-27-10)

things Mel Gibson has blamed the Jews for (7-13-10)

soccer sucks (6-26-10)

Star Wars: questions: Part 2, Episodes IV - VI (6-11-10)

Star Wars: questions: Part 1, Episodes I - III (6-1-10-)

friend vs girlfriend's friend (new email) (5-8-10)


you should never take pleasure in the misery of others (4-15-10)

fuck ben and jerry's (4-4-10)

ben roethlisberger's to-do list (3-17-10)


mathematical proof that Alice in Chains MUST change their name (2-24-10)

porn in 60 seconds (new standup set) (2-12-10)

sleeping penis (2-2-10)

fucking cat (1-19-10)

dear dick clark (1-9-10)

2009: a crappy year in review (12-31-09)

the reason for the season (12-25-09)

why i hate christmas (new email)(12-24-09)

diarrhea (12-18-09)


masturbation prescription (new standup set)(11-23-09)

bad hair day (11-13-09)

fuck baseball (11-3-09)

fat guy seat belt (new standup set)(10-23-09)

handicapped jokes are not funny (10-15-09)

they go together like football and breast cancer (10-10-09)

wheelchair pootang (new standup set) (9-30-09)

standup (updated email) (9-19-09)

why the Detroit Lions will go 0-16 again (9-9-09)

directv = retards (9-1-09)

and you want me to give you a job? pt 3 (8-22-09)

which chick would you do? (new email)(8-11-09)

agnostic no more (7-30-09)

why isn't Hanson dead yet? (7-20-09)

America the flawed (7-9-09)

hope and change for Ohio (6-27-09)

screw old people (6-20-09)

TP in the bum (6-13-09)

indisputable evidence that Kid Rock is a retard (6-6-09)

dear eminem (5-30-09)

why Michael Vick should never put on an NFL jersey again (5-21-09)

why I had a hard time suspending my disbelief with X-Men Origins: Wolverine (5-13-09)

swine flu (5-3-09)

vista sucks (4-25-09)

the haunted basement (4-15-09)

house shopping (4-10-09)

gambling stereotypes (3-31-09)

so it's come to this (3-21-09)

WANTED: (3-12-09)

another reason to be proud to be from Ohio (3-4-09)

why women are fucked up (2-23-09)

stupid bitch (2-15-09)

a few modest proposals for future Super Bowls (2-07-09)

dear roger goodell (1-31-09)

yes, the new President is black, can we please move on now? (1-24-09)

i hate assholes who...(1-16-09)

get Matt Millen the hell off my TV (1-9-09)

2008: a crappy year in review (12-31-08)

the crappy days of christmas (new song)(12-24-08)

my new TV (12-21-08)

of boobs and cole slaw (12-12-08)

does my apartment complex care? part 1 (12-4-08)

ten things I'm sick of seeing this NFL season (11-25-08)

where's my tickets bitch? (11-18-08)

drunken ramble: the beer god (11-11-08)

thank you God, it's almost over (11-4-08)

pubes on my face (10-28-08)

things more likely to happen than the Detroit Lions winning a football game (10-21-08)

an american carol: how to alienate even your target audience (10-12-08)


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